Membership Application/Renewal Form

  • Membership in the Surrey Christian School Society is reserved for individuals 18 years or older who are committed to furthering the purpose, basis and principles of the Society as set out in its Constitution and Bylaws and is necessary to vote at any formal society meetings including the Annual General Meeting in November. The Board of Directors encourages all parents to be members of the Society.

    Membership dues are paid on a five-year renewal date. Members joining part way through a five-year period pay a pro-rated portion of the five-year membership fee ($10 per year or $50 for a full five-year membership).

    Those seeking membership in the Society should be members of a Christian church and may be required to submit a pastor’s letter of reference attesting to their commitment to the Christian faith.

    If you have any questions please contact us at 604-498-3233 or info@surreychristian.com.
  • I subscribe to the statement of Christian beliefs and principles as set out in the Constitution & bylaw of the Surrey Christian School Society and in particular, section 18g (page 20) of the bylaws entitled “Our Testimony.”
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